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2009-08-23 19:13:54 by lordeath

Recently I deleted the worst of my recordings, since I can't stand them anymore.

I recently got a new guitar so i'm gonna probably end up doing some recording with it soon....ish.

My music theory skills are a bit better now, so hopefully everything I record from now on should sound better, and i'm gonna spend more time on them. I still don't know what i'm going to do for drums, since the drum machine in garageband isn't great, and I can't record my actual kit because it always comes out sounding crap, due to the microphone etc.

So basically, my next few recordings should be a lot less crap. But i've probably said that before.

Anywhom, i'll stop rambling on now and go get some sleep!


2009-03-26 17:53:02 by lordeath

I've been busy recently, but theres some stuff i'm going to try to record at some point soon.

Oh and....earlier I discovered a way of making my guitar sound like a duck, and rule britannia sounds hilarious in duck form, so i might do some messing around with some duck stuff if i cba

And I just remembered, I might try to record a full version of purple haze at some point

New set-up

2009-01-08 14:55:47 by lordeath

Since i've got a new amp i've been using my old marshall for recording, so i now have overdrive that doesnt make you feel sick, so i'll probs get some more metal songs up at some point

i've done a lot of experimental stuff recently, and been a bit lazy so they're not exactly great, but i'm gonna do some more sound of silence style songs soon

Next year, re-recording!

2008-12-12 13:03:13 by lordeath

Next year i'll be able to get a lot better quality recording (i hope) so i plan on re-recording scream of the end and sound of silence (again), and maybe a few more.

...thats just about it

Recording quality

2008-11-30 13:51:53 by lordeath

I've had an idea!


christmas=new amp

so old amp will end up in my room

so i can record directly from the amp, making the quality better.....


So my amp wasn't broken...

2008-11-23 12:19:32 by lordeath

long story. Anyway....yeah.

....might have more songs soon...or might not

so i broke my amp...

2008-11-18 15:33:28 by lordeath

its only a marshall mg30 (CRAP CRAP CRAP amp) but i'm getting a peavey valveking 112 for xmas anyway

so i'll spend more time playing through my comp

so i might have more songs!


2008-11-09 10:22:05 by lordeath

Every time I make a post explaining how much i'm gonna be recording it changes. But now i'm gonna try again...again.

Doing band practices, and school, but I might find time to get a bit of recording done.

I've uploaded a few songs since my last post, and i'll probably get some done before christmas


2008-10-09 13:49:33 by lordeath

some prick nicked my second lead so now i cant use my distortion pedal on songs for a while

.....gonna kill him


2008-09-28 14:45:05 by lordeath

got a few songs up, working on a few, but gonna be recording a lot less now because all my leads and stuff are gonna be moving around-lots of band practices :D


...yeah, just to say i'm still alive